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I am glad that I can buy it cheaply in a big bottle.
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Used to make Thai cold salad🦐 super delicious
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Used to made fish sauce. It is a must on vietnamese table!
repeat purchase
Specially bought to mix with green papaya salad, I used soy sauce to replace it before, or fish sauce is better with it, it has a flavor
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Annie B
It’s pretty good. Will last you a long time. Nice packaging
I bought these three dishes: laksa noodles, tom yum goong soup, and nine-layer pagoda fried minced beef; Said this sauce is worth having
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Kristy Huang
The price of the three crab fish sauce weee is cheaper than the shopping mall, 👍
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This brand of fish sauce tastes very good and it is the second time to buy back. like!
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Melissa Yeap | 美云
They wrapped it well. This is my first time buying from wee.
The three crab fish sauce is the best, with the sweetness of fish. Buying bottles and cans at weee is the most assured, so you don’t have to worry about damage if you pack them tightly. Let’s take a group photo of the bottles and cans you bought this time.
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There is no substitute for this fish sauce when making Vietnamese soup. So good.
Happy to see online delivery.
Good fish sauce, great taste. Used to flavor many different foods, not just in thai/vietnamese food. Repurchased many times.
An old brand, I use it when I buy fish sauce!
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It is a must have in every vietnamese cuisine. Cant live without.
l p
Essential fish sauce and love at home
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Weee's after-sales service is really good. The fragile glass bottle is well protected. 👍
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Think it’s one of the best & not too salty.
There are too many additives, and those who mind suggest not to buy them.
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