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Easy to make and delicious. Good to have as a stock
Salt flavored instant fried noodles. Comes with mayonnaise.
Saw this item & was intrigued. Wasn't too sure of what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I had some kewpie mayo so I added more. Must try.
Salt flavored yakisoba comes with a pack of mayonnaise.
Convenient and delicious, but a bit salty
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Glo Ed-John
This instant noodle was very easy to make. I appreciated the fact that the lid had a drain spout. The taste reminds me of black pepper - it had a nice peppery taste that wasn’t overbearing or overwhelming. The mayonnaise made it creamy, which I enjoyed. Overall a yummy and filling item. After a few bites i added a bit of chili sesame oil for added flavor.
The delicious noodles have been repurchased many times
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It's delicious, will repurchase it, and it tastes good with mayonnaise
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Emily Huang
Eating this at night is really guilt up⬆️ The taste is very heavy and salty. I saw that Japanese Youtuber said that many people like it in Japan, so I bought it and tried it~
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迈克 贾
🇯🇵 Instant noodles can’t be wrong, it’s hard to taste bad!
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It was amazing and delicious~~ I was hungry in the middle of the night and remembered the instant noodles I had always wanted to eat, so I added two marinated eggs.
There are four seasoning packages:
1. Vegetable bag: After the cabbage is washed in hot water to restore, it retains the original umami flavor and is delicious
2. Sauce bag: I don’t know what kind of sauce it is, dark brown sauce
3. Qiwei powder: very flavorful
4. Mayonnaise: Put it in after the last dough is soaked
It was originally written about dry noodles, but we like to drink soup and kept the hot water. We were surprised to find that the soup was so delicious~ Fortunately, the hot water was not poured out! The overall taste of the instant noodles is relatively light, very flavorful, and not greasy. Mayonnaise is too good to add to instant noodles~ I learned new knowledge. Very delicious, repurchase 6 packs immediately!
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I don’t have art cells, the technique of Mayonnaise is not good, so it’s not too beautiful! But this is the first time I have eaten instant noodles with mayonnaise, and the taste is okay! Feels quite expensive! I will be willing to buy again when I have more discounts next time!
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Rina 理奈
Kiyoi Ippei-chan's Yakisoba.
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SCCF(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
It's better than the other one! Don't look at his photos in vain, they are actually very tasty! Amazing! Will repurchase!
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My favorite easy lunch😂 I like spicy Mayo that comes with the pack.
I bought it for the first time, the evaluation was pretty good
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Tasty is a bit high in calories
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Haven't tried this flavor yet, hope it tastes good!
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It ’s really delicious. Love salt fried noodles! Is it exactly the same as Japanese products?
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Not so good, it’s just like instant noodles
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