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Buydeem 9-in-1 Health-Care Tetero y Hervidor K2683, Blanco Gris 1.5L 1 unidad(es)

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Buydeem 9 in 1 Health-Care Kettle Cooker & Brewer K2683 

Capacity : 1.5L

Size: 8.22'' X 8.5'' X 10.16''

Color: White / Gray 

Material: Premium-quality German Schott Duran Glass/Stew Pot, UK Strix Thermostat, 316L Premium Stainless Steel Infuser





  • 9-In-1 multi-use - Features 9 smart built-in programs, perfect for making flowering tea, fruit tea, Soup, dessert, yoghurt, bird’s nest stew, congee, etc. It can also be used as a milk warmer and to cook baby food as well.
  • Precise cooking Controls - Utilizing research and applying intelligent temperature control technology, Each function is optimized to cook the specific food you want, creating a healthy diet for you and your family. Two recipe brochures are included for your enjoyment and reference.
  • Easy to operate - No longer have to struggle setting up time or temperature, just select the mode of the food you want to make!
  • Safer and smarter design - This kettle comes with a lift-out tea basket attached to a stay-cool handle, allowing you to safely and easily test the flavor of your dish while cooking. Our unique ‘lid in lid’ design optimizes space, allowing you to store the stew pot conveniently.
  • Durable and satisfaction German Schott - Duran glass and food-grade 316 stainless steel with FDA certifications ensure the durability of our product.


For Those Who Crave Healthy Food Made With Ease

The Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2683 is developed with the chic beauty you desire for your home as well as the multi-use, flexibility you need. Featuring a crisp white color on the outside, on the inside, this Kettle Cooker changes your kitchen game. A tea maker, stew pot, dessert maker, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, baby food cooker, electric kettle, etc., this kitchen tool complements a busy yet healthy lifestyle with perfectly made, flavor-filled, fresh, wholesome food and beverages.

      • Equipped with unique 9-in-1 technology and the ability to automatically know the right temperature and steep times.
      • Made to last a lifetime, Buydeem products are built with German Schott Duran glass, 316 Stainless Steel, and Strix thermostats.
      • Extra space for your cooking needs, this Kettle Cooker holds 1.5L and has up to 6 cups level indicators.

German Schott Glass

A specialized glass from a world-renowned manufacturer, this premium-quality material is highly durable with an exceptional ability to resist temperature change.

The Tea Basket And Stew Pot

Compact on the outside, more room on the inside. Our tea baskets feature a bigger infuser for ease of cleaning while the stew pot has an inner ‘lid in lid’ for storage and reduced spills.

UK Strix and Stainless Steel

For improved function and longevity, we use the world leader in kettle control Strix thermostats along with 316 Stainless steel that has a strong endurance against acid and alkali.


難しい設定に頭を悩ませることなく、誰でも簡単にワンタッチで薬膳を上手に煎じる事ができます。ボタンを押したら、あとは待つだけ。 自動で火加減の調整を行いながら、一定の温度を保つので、薬膳茶・薬膳料理ができあがるまで、時間が有効に使えます。


●「沸とう」「保温(70℃・2時間)」、 「煮込み・煮出し(3段階)」がボタンひとつで簡単操作
●最大容量1.5L ●専用レシピブックが2冊同梱 ●専用ティーフィルター付属 ●専用インナーポット付属で料理のバリエーションUP


User Manual



What is the Buydeem warranty policy?

We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Buydeem items.

This policy is in place to guarantee our customers’ defect-free products. After review and acceptance of a warranty service, Buydeem will repair the item, replace it, or refund the customer. Valid on products used in the United States or Canada, if a product leaves these countries, the warranty is no longer applicable. Please note that Buydeem Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser only.


What does the warranty cover? 

The Buydeem Limited Warranty covers manufacturer defects.


At Buydeem we take great care to manufacture products with excellence and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we can not foresee everything, for that reason this warranty covers issues that result outside of typical use.


What is excluded from the warranty? 

Damage, misuse, abuse, neglect, as well as normal wear and tear of a product are not covered.

Any use outside of operating instructions is not covered. We do not cover damage resulting from commercial use, improper assembly, failure to provide maintenance, flood, fire, disassembly, dropping, etc. On top of that, any modifications, repairs, or added parts unauthorised by Buydeem void the warranty. We hold the right to review and deney Limited Warranty requests based on evidence of any user caused issues.


How do I request a warranty service? 

To begin a warranty request, contact customer service at support@buydeemglobal.com. 

When contacting us, please provide product model number, order number, purchase information, and a short description of the issue. Within 24 hours a friendly member of our customer service team will contact you.


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