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GIK VC Mascarilla facial para el levantamiento de la piel 1 Caja de

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GIK VC Mascarilla facial para el levantamiento de la piel 1 Caja de Descripción

Japan and South Korea jointly developed a golden mask to create a new realm of maintenance
All ingredients EWG green grade 98% pure essence
No coloring, mineral oil, fragrance, ethanol
The more stable the application, the healthier and safer it is for pregnant women and sensitive acne-prone skin!
The Rosa Rosae Hydrosol is extracted by water distillation, and the mask content reaches 89%
Delay skin aging, calm and soothe the skin, restore healthy skin elasticity
Resveratrol, polyphenols, inhibit free radical generation
Reduce pigment synthesis and precipitation, soothe redness and sensitivity
Hydrolyzed collagen strongly locks in water and revitalizes the bottom of the skin
The mask adopts double-layer customized design
Outer layer of gold honeycomb gold silk membrane cloth super breathable, whitening and nourishing
The inner layer of natural black bamboo charcoal membrane cloth absorbs pores and dirt and promotes the absorption of essence