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MushroomStorm Mezcla de setas secas para sopa 100 gramo(s)

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Procedente de:China continentalCantidad de la Unidad:100 gramo(s)La Marca:MushroomStorm
Necesidades Dietéticas:

MushroomStorm Mezcla de setas secas para sopa Descripción

Ingredients: morel, bolete, bamboo fungus, velvet mushroom, Agaricus blazei, abalone mushroom, cordyceps flower, chicken oil yellow, black chicken fir, red dates, wolfberry

Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

High-quality fungi with high nutritional value, rich in a variety of amino acids, carotene and vitamins. 

Soaking method: first cut off the roots of the mushrooms with muddy roots, then soak them in warm water for 30 minutes (red dates and wolfberry do not need to be soaked and washed), then stir clockwise and wash carefully. The bamboo fungus needs to be carefully washed inside the mesh (the mushrooms with blemishes are normally found in nature and do not need to be discarded.)

How to eat: Put the soaked ingredients and the water into the pot and soak. Boil the mushrooms in high heat, then turn to low heat, and simmer for more than one hour. Two minutes before eating, add seasonings and turn to high heat to simmer until it's taken out of the pot. Meats such as chicken or ribs can be added, but it is recommended to try simple meat, the soup should not be too greasy.  In order to ensure the original taste and deliciousness of the mushroom soup, there is no need to add other excessive seasonings or other ingredients.