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Orihiro Gelatina de Konjac, sabor durazno 120 gramo(s)

Vendido semanalmente: 600+
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Procedente de:JaponCantidad de la Unidad:120 gramo(s)La Marca:ORIHIRO
Necesidades Dietéticas:
VeganoVegetarianoBajo en GrasaSin Grasas TransSin Grasa

Orihiro Gelatina de Konjac, sabor durazno Descripción

Number of units: 6 pieces per bag (120 grams in total).

Ingredients list: liquid fructose and grape juice, sugar, fruit juice (white peach), reducing sugar, konjac powder, sour agent, gelling agent, flavor, potassium chloride, sweetener

Store in a cool and dry place.

Konjac is a natural plant, healthy and nutritious, low in calories, and contains a lot of water. This jelly made with konjac is rich in fruit flavor, chewy and chewy, and the mouth melts softly. At the same time, a convenient tearing port is used in the packaging design, which can be opened by gently tearing along the dotted line, and can be enjoyed by pinching it with fingers.