How to Check Order Detail / Cancel Order

You can modify/cancel your order before the order starts to be dispatched (usually before 1:00 pm the day before the order shipping date). (Some orders may be dispatched earlier during the outbreak)
After the order starts dispatching, it will no longer be available for modification. If you request to cancel an order due to special circumstances, you can contact customer service, at which time a $15 operation fee will be charged for cancellation.
When modifying an order, the number of items can only be reduced. If you need to add more items, you can place a new order and select the same delivery date, then the orders will be combined and no new shipping charges will be added. 

1) Find unshipped orders



2) Click "Modify Order" to modify/cancel the order. (If the order has already begun to allocate, do not support the modification/cancellation of orders.



3) Click to subtract the number of items/cancel the tip. If you need to cancel the whole order, you need to reduce the number of each item to zero.


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