Weeebates Program: Earn points rebates by sharing products you purchased

How does it work?

  1. After completing your purchase of groceries, restaurant dishes, and Pantry+ goods, you can select items from your order and share them with friends. A pop-up at the order confirmation page will ask you to share items you just purchased.

  2. If you don’t share the link right away, orders with the same delivery date will be combined into one group until the total item value reaches $35. Each group can be shared separately. You can find these groups of orders in the Weeebate list on your account page. Orders of groceries, restaurant dishes, and Pantry+ goods will be combined into separate groups of their own kind respectively. 

  3. Each group of orders is available for sharing within 7 days of the transaction.

  4. You can select up to 15 items from a group for sharing.

  5. Once shared, the link will be active for 24 hours for your friends to make a purchase. 

  6. Your friends will receive a discount coupon on items you shared at the same time. The coupon is valid for 1 hour after they claim it.

  7. You’ll receive Weee! Points rebates when your friends

    ①Claim the discount coupon. 

    ②Purchase the same items you shared.

    ③The maximum amount of Weee! Points earned will be based on the total price of items you choose to share, among which, up to 20% will be the rebates from your friends claiming the discount coupon, and up to 80% will be the rebates from them purchasing items you shared. 
  8. Weee! Points will be issued to your account once the Weeebates share link expires after 24 hours.
  9. You can share up to 3 Weeebates per day.

  10. If you cancel or modify your order, any points earned will no longer be valid. If your friends cancel their purchases through your link, points you received from their purchases will also be invalid.  

  11. If you cancel or modify your order, your Weeebates link will no longer be sharable and will automatically expire.

  12. Weee! Points can be applied at the order check out next time.

  13. Weee! reserves the right to interpret this program and its rules.