About Weee! Bundles

What are bundles?

Weee! bundles are curated ingredients and meals freshly prepared by local restaurants. Our team curates different bundles each week with a variety of exclusive and popular items. If an item within the bundle is sold out, it will be replaced with another item of equal or greater value in the same category.

Please note that Weee! bundles are independent of our standard product line and offer limited-quantity products that are hard-to-find elsewhere.


How do I place a bundle order?

To place an order, please download the Weee! app (iOS: click the bundle category icon in the bottom row) (Android: click on the bundle banner on the homepage) or visit www.sayweee.com/bundle_buy. Next, please choose the available delivery date of the week and see which bundles are available. Click the blue (+) to add the bundle into the cart and press the “Check out” button. This will take you to the checkout page, please enter the required information and press the “Complete purchase” button. You will receive a notification email if your order is successfully processed. 

Please note that bundles are fulfilled and delivered separately from regular grocery orders.


Where do you deliver bundles?

We currently deliver bundles throughout the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento, and Seattle Areas and are working on expanding our service regions. Please stay tuned by following our English Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sayweee/ for future service area updates. 


Can I choose or change what goes into my bundle?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot alter items in the bundle as the items are picked upon availability every morning. This allows us to operate more efficiently to provide more access to fresh food.


How long will it take for the bundle to be delivered?

We offer free delivery on bundle orders over $35. Orders placed before 1:00PM will be delivered to your doorstep next-day or on the scheduled day.


When I attempted to purchase a bundle, it disappeared from my cart. What happened?

Due to a high number of customers checking out at the same time, items may become out-of-stock and automatically disappear from your cart. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask that you consider another bundle offered that day or on another date.