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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"It is full of ingredients and tastes good! Continue to purchase. After unpacking, store in the refrigerator. Leave the jar in water to thaw for several hours on the day of eating. Then put it in a pot and steam for 20 minutes (after the water is boiled). Then turn off the heat, remove the tin foil, close the lid, and simmer in the pot. Just take it out when you eat it!"
weee_Captain Jiang Cooked Seafood Soup, Frozen
Captain Jiang Cooked Seafood Soup, Frozen
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"For Hangzhou people, Zhiweiguan can be said to be a very sentimental brand, so this time I chose this Zhiweiguan Zhiweiya moon cake gift box for the moon cakes that I took home in time for the holiday, and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with my family in advance 🎑 🌕Packing: What I got is a super big gift box. I filled my suitcase 🧳. The small packing box inside is painted with traditional auspicious clouds ☁️ and 🐉 patterns, which are golden and beautiful. 🌕 Flavors: There are 4 special flavors in this gift box, sea salt cheese truffles, poplar nectar mango, peach oolong tea, and Longjing tea dangui. 4 of them are flow heart moon cakes~ 🌕 Filling: The mooncake 🥮 has a very crispy crust, wrapped with soft and waxy fillings. The fluid part is also designed with different tastes according to different tastes. The most special one should be Longjing taste, you can Seeing the red small osmanthus, you can also eat mango granules in the taste of Yangzhi Ganlu. 🌕Pattern: I think the most special gift box this time is the 4 flowers on the moon cake All the patterns are from the ten sceneries of West Lake. According to our guess, the yellow one should be the city flower of Hangzhou, the small osmanthus, the green one should be the wind lotus with lotus, the pink one is Sudi Chunxiao, the black one The most obvious ones are Santan Yingyue and Lei Feng's Evening Photos, both of which are very delicate and lovely ✨ I think the best of the four is Longjing Dangui flavor, and then Yangzhi Ganlu, but in fact, as long as you are with your family, no matter which flavor is super delicious😋"
weee_Zhiweiguan-Zhiwei Yayue Moon Cake 8pcs
Zhiweiguan-Zhiwei Yayue Moon Cake 8pcs
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Big, crispy and sweet, will repurchase"
weee_Winter Jujube
Winter Jujube
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"The golden kiwis are very fresh, each one is big and awesome👍👍"
weee_Golden Kiwi Gift Box 1 Case
Golden Kiwi Gift Box 1 Case
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"🌟The most beautiful gift box in history, there is no one! 🌟 Food from the Palace Museum, my favorite brand This year's Forbidden City co-branded Fu He Chun Xuan Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box is definitely the most beautiful gift box in history Metal box body, leather paper cover, plus brocade print Regardless of the look, texture, and absolute height, I have never seen a mooncake box with more collectible value than this. There are also some cultural relics of the Forbidden City in the built-in booklet, as well as the introduction of the moon cake master There are 3 flavors inside, 6 moon cakes: Tea seed oil, lotus paste and egg yolk mooncakes * 2 Coconut Mooncake * 2 Aged Orange Peel and Red Bean Paste Mooncake * 2 I didn’t expect to be able to buy such exquisite domestic moon cakes in North America. Is there a trace of touch? The box is too Chinese, my foreigner and husband are reluctant to throw it away 🤣"
weee_Gugong Assorted Moon Cake
Gugong Assorted Moon Cake
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Tracy Lee
"Absolutely! This chicken is simply delicious. Picture one is the chicken broth boiled with mushroom soup. The chicken is very delicate and does not jam teeth. The first step is to boil the chicken in cold water and remove it. The second step is to fry the chicken with green onion and ginger. Because my chicken is skinless, there is no oil. I just add some vegetable oil and fry it until fragrant. The third step is to stew the mushroom wraps bought from Weee and chicken together in a cast iron pot for more than 1 hour (note that boiling water is added when stewing). Those who like to drink soup can eat it directly (see Figure 2). The fourth step is to add some boiled chicken broth and chicken, then add Bobo chicken seasoning. One chicken and two foods are nourishing and health preservation and meet the needs of Chengdu people's taste buds."
weee_Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen
Loong Kong Large Chicken, Frozen
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"This grape is also a wife. . . It's so delicious! Children love it, sweet, crispy and fresh, and a whole box is very complete and beautiful! Repurchase now🤩🤩🤩"
weee_Emerald Candy grapes, 3lb
Emerald Candy grapes, 3lb
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"These yellow dragon fruits are such a rare finish! Packaged nicely and arrived safely. The fruits are fresh, juicy and sweet!"
weee_Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Finally ate good sausages Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes, you can eat it directly, or you can slice and stir-fry, and you will buy it back."
weee_Linko Taiwanese Garlic Sausage, Frozen
Linko Taiwanese Garlic Sausage, Frozen
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Convenient, very clean, it is difficult to buy one that can clean the hair so cleanly! Used to roast pork knuckles, miss my Xu fat roasted knuckles at the gate of the electronics department in Chengdu"
weee_Cut Pork Feet
Cut Pork Feet
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"I bought it for the first time. It’s delicious. This garlic vermicelli scallop is fast and you don’t need to put anything. It’s delicious 👍"
weee_North Shore Fishery Scallop with Mashed Garlic and Vermicelli
North Shore Fishery Scallop with Mashed Garlic and Vermicelli
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"The pig ears are very clean, marinated, wrapped and shaped and sliced, dipped in a little homemade seasoning, it is delicious 😋"
weee_Ri Wang Pork Ear
Ri Wang Pork Ear
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Repurchased Arctic shellfish many times. Sweet and delicious, super convenient, favorite in summer. I only wash it 2-3 times with filtered water, put it on a plate, and it's ready to eat! Today, I also added the dry ice that came with the delivery and placed it under the dish, which is instantly advanced and fun! But be careful and remember not to touch dry ice directly. #favorite"
weee_Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams, Frozen
Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams, Frozen
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Successfully made ginger bump milk, which proves that this is really good milk!"
weee_Desi A2/A2 Raw Milk, 1 Gallon
Desi A2/A2 Raw Milk, 1 Gallon
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Tina Wang
"I have repurchased it several times, it is very convenient and delicious 😋 It is made into chicken skewers. My family likes it very much. It can also be made into salt-fried chicken, Japanese-style fried chicken, fried, boiled and fried."
weee_Premium Mountaire Whole Chicken Leg, Frozen
Premium Mountaire Whole Chicken Leg, Frozen
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Rose loofah is a vegetable that is often eaten recently. The taste is sweet and can vary a lot. Adding the crispy meat carp can turn into a loofah and crispy meat carp soup; adding corn, white fungus, fresh mushrooms and carrots to turn into a sweet vegetarian soup; adding pork and three musketeers to stir-fry it into a very delicious home-style stir-fry. Rose loofah like 👍🏻"
weee_Sweet Luffa Gourd
Sweet Luffa Gourd
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
"Authentic stinky tofu pot with hometown flavor! The taste is well adjusted and delicious! It's not too spicy, so you need to add more water so that it won't be too salty. Originally, there were corn, tofu skin and stinky tofu in the bag, plus some sliced meat, tofu and cabbage. It was a big pot for the whole family to eat!"
weee_Taiwan Stinky Tofu
Taiwan Stinky Tofu