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LeTAO Thé Noir Tea-Infused Chocolate Cookies (20pc) 1 개입

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LeTAO Thé Noir Tea-Infused Chocolate Cookies (20pc) 설명

LeTAO Thé Noir Tea-Infused Chocolate Cookies (20pc)

The Noir is LeTao's new black tea-infused chocolate cookies combining Darjeeling tea with fine chocolate for rich flavors. The bold, sweet and fragrant notes of the black tea are perfectly complemented by the deep, nutty flavors of fine chocolate. The light crispness of the cookie delivers a delicate crunch, delivering the richness of tea and chocolate in one bite. The flavors of both east and west come together in a seamless blend with The Noir for yet another tasty creation from LeTao.

Velvety smooth chocolate meets aromatic Darjeeling tea to create a crispy, delicious cookie – an indulgence for the mind, body & soul. Please enjoy the sumptuous  Thé (Tea) Noir (Black) Chocolate cookies – intertwined with aroma, taste and texture.


Made in Japan