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Pescatore Seafood

Pescatore 냉동 모듬해물 1 파운드

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Pescatore 냉동 모듬해물 1 파운드 설명

Wild Caught Seafood Mix from South America. A-Must-Have ingredients for Seafood tofu soup and Seafood Pacakge. A sublimation to our seafood lovers.  Weee wishes seafood lovers would enjoy this special item from South America. 

Composition: Giant Squid, Argentina Shrimp, Mussels 

Origin: Peru, Argentina, Chile 

Capture Zone: FAO 87, FAO 41

Shelf Life: 24 Months 

Regrigeration: Keep Frozen at -18°C

Ingredienets: Giant Shrimp, Argentina Shrimp, Mussels, Salt, Metabisulfite (E233), E330, E331

Allergens: Contains Mollusk, Crustacenas & Shellfish