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Wang Korea

Wang 냉동 손질한 더덕 8 온스

채소 냉동 야채 엽채류 근채류 양파류 토마토류 버섯류 감자&고구마&마 오이류 박&가지류 옥수수 허브류 고추류 콩류 샐러드 기타 채소
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Wang 냉동 손질한 더덕 8 온스 설명

The roots of deodeok (더덕), are used in Korean cuisine. They are eaten both fresh and cooked. Grilled marinated deodeok, called deodeok-gui, is often served as a vegetarian main dish. Deodeok can be pan-fried as jeon, pickled as kimchi, or used in fusion dishes such as salads.[citation needed]