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한국 식료품 배송 서비스
한국 식료품 배송 서비스
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북가주 최초 아시안 식료품 배송 서비스 Weee! 샌프라시스코 베이지역 및 시애틀까지 연중무효 식료품을 배송해 드립니다. 야채, 과일, 라면, 해산물, 과자, 화장품 등을 쉽고 간단하게 온라인으로 주문할 수 있습니다.
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북가주 최초 아시안 식료품 배송 서비스 Weee! 샌프라시스코 베이지역 및 시애틀까지 연중무효 식료품을 배송해 드립니다. 야채, 과일, 라면, 해산물, 과자, 화장품 등을 쉽고 간단하게 온라인으로 주문할 수 있습니다.
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북가주 최초 아시안 식료품 배송 서비스 Weee! 샌프라시스코 베이지역 및 시애틀까지 연중무효 식료품을 배송해 드립니다. 야채, 과일, 라면, 해산물, 과자, 화장품 등을 쉽고 간단하게 온라인으로 주문할 수 있습니다.
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북가주 최초 한국 식료품 배송 서비스

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"First time ordering this. It was so fresh and delicious!!! It came in a very clean sealed package and was very easy to handle. Cannot wait to order again!!!!"
Prime Tomahawk 32 oz
"One of my favorite items from weee. Sweet everytime!!!"
Yellow Dragon Fruit
"Very yummy!"
Touched Mille Crepe Cake Mango Tango 8inch, Frozen
"Fresh, lovely tomatoes! Great for salad!"
"turned into several bowls of poke! was very delicious! will buy again!"
Cubed Tuna, Frozen
"Uni is very fresh. Goes well with Hamachi sashimi and salmon caviar."
Canadian Saltwater Uni (Zd)
Jane FH
"Taste good. I put some green onion and red pepper to make it looks nicer."
Garlic Scallops with Vermicelli, Frozen 6pk
"First time getting this and they turned out good but not as sweet as I like. I baked them in small toaster oven. And I ended up mixing it with some milk, sugar and butter to make a paste and made sweet purple potato buns. They were delicious!"
Organic Purple Sweet Potatoes 3lb x 1bag
"Cute packaging. My kids saw it and immediately got excited even though they had no idea what it was. Texture is good although I wished I cooked a bit longer since I like it softer. The amount is enough to be finished in one sitting by family of four. I just boiled for 3 min as directed and dipped in peanut and sugar powder for the kids. The shape is like a blobby goldfish cracker."
Koi Fish New Year Cake
Jon Lau
"Finally got around to cooking the Sakura pork butt. 3.5 hours sous vide and then in the oven for a quick broil. Pair that with a citrus slaw for a pseudo-chashu sandwich. The quality of the meat was exceptional. Incredibly tender and juicy. Will definitely buy again! ?"
Sakura Pork Butt, Frozen
"Yummy and VERY spicy! Lots of sauce packets for extra flavor. Even comes with chili + peanuts packet. I added the bok choy separately. Definitely a fancier instant ramen. Good quality."
[Baijia Chenji] Sichuan Spicy Rice Noodles (Crawfish) 270g x 1bag
"These drinks make me nostalgic. I remember an Asian market store down the block from my house run by a kind 아줌마 . After school, I would go to her store and ask if she needed help with anything to learn more Korean. She would give me cans of milkis and kimchi when I left after visiting. I love these drinks! Not only do they remind me of good memories, but they taste like yogurt and soda all in one."
Lotte Milkis Creamy Carbonated Drink
"Tomato broth is flavorful and savory. Humorous words on packaging, made me laugh. I added creamy corn to thicken the broth, plus sliced tomato topped it off with Green onion and cilantro."
Wu Gu Dao Chang Tomato and Artificial Beef Flavor Instant Noodles
"Stuffed the kabocha with spicy seafood and cheese and it was delicious."
"The color is so beautiful on this okinawa purple yam! Saw sammi’s post on FB that she loves to eat these and got me curious to buy. Pretty good. I esp like how it is not super sweet. Feels lighter. A bit expensive and 5lbs is a lot. Hope they come in 2lbs or something in the future."
Okinawa Purple Yam
"I love these dates and am very happy with my purchase. The seeds are super small which means there is more meat. I just placed an order for more. The first pic is the package with all the seeds I took out, second pic is the seed by itself, and third pic are the cut dates in the jar."
Growland Hami Sweet Jujube Dates
"So happy with this salmon. I received 4.4 lbs for 53.00 and really nice quality. Will def re-order"
Norway King Salmon Fillet - Sashimi Grade
"Delicious and sweet golden kiwis. I’ve ordered this multiple times and will continue to order so long as it it available."
New Zealand Golden Kiwi Gift Box 7lb
Carol Leung
"Beautiful duck with head and feet on for roast duck. Used a charcoal smoker to create roast duck. So good."
Culver Duck, Frozen
"Very fresh and vibrant! Sometimes watermelon radish is disappointingly pale on the inside, but these were some of the pinkest ones I’ve seen!"
Watermelon Radish
첫 주문시 $10 할인 쿠폰을 드립니다
첫 주문시 $10 할인 쿠폰을 드립니다