Bananas 3 lb

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Bananas 3 lb
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This banana has been kept at my room temperature for a week and is still so green. Is it with preservatives?
Weee is very convenient to buy at special prices
Very fresh and good quality, unlimited repurchase.
Make it into a banana smoothie, super cool and refreshing!
I received a bunch of green plantains and hope to eat it after a few days
Although it is not completely green this time, it is also light yellow, I hope it can be eaten after a few days
Fresh big bananas look like they can still be put
I finally bought a green banana. It’s more durable in summer, so I don’t need to put it in the refrigerator to turn black.
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United States
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3 lb
Our ode to bananas--easy to peel. Easy to eat. Great source of healthy vitamins and fiber. Eat them after you work out. Throw them in a smoothie or to-go bag. Wait until they are brown and soft, and then make that irresistible banana bread. Perfect baby snack. Their only bad quality is they are the worst weapon in that one game with the plumber who races other characters on a Kart. Other than that, you'll never go wrong once you add to your grocery cart.