Best Premium Fish Tofu, Frozen 1 lb

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Best Premium Fish Tofu, Frozen 1 lb
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Hsiao Wen
Fish tofu is delicious when used in soups, stir-fry, or even direct air frying.
The necessary ingredients for hot pot to cook the soup is also super delicious
I like this brand a lot. Try it air fried! It's delicious and crisp
Frozen fish tofu tastes great in any soup . I always add some vegetables and noodles . Yummy!
It's very delicious and I buy it every time.
Love this, especially when it’s on sale! Tastes delicious (because of the msg) but sodium is very high (also because of the msg). A package comes with 20 cubes. So I usually slice up one cube into 12 pieces, add different types of tofu and konjac products into a bowl of osuimono soup. Yummy!
There is an ice bag in the package. The first time I bought something at weeee, so impressive, I will repurchase it again👌🏼
I bought it and haven't eaten it, but it looks good quality
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Unit Qty:
1 lb

Ingredients: Fish paste (golden threadfin bream, bigeye), soybean oil, sugar, salt, tapioca starch, albumin (egg), monosodium glutamate, lecithin (soy) and palm oil.

Allergens: Fish (golden threadfin bream, bigeye), soybeans and egg.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen below -18 degrees C. Repeatedly thawing and refreezing may affect the product's quality.

Tender tasty tofu. Stir-fry it. Toss it in noodles. Get it in your hot pot. Two words. Shabu-Shabu. The limit does not exist for this Fish Tofu. Look no further for that ingredient that completes you.

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