Black Ball Premium Grass Jelly 3pk 13.8 oz

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Black Ball Premium Grass Jelly 3pk 13.8 oz
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Look at the good reviews on weee, buy it and try it. It is not bad, but it is not particularly surprising. The finished product has been added with sugar, and I personally feel that the smell of grass is very weak. I won’t consider buying it until I want to eat and there is a special price.
Not can repurchase...
The sweetness is moderate, the tender taste is very delicious, and it is repurchased for a long time.
I bought two boxes of the delicious Xiancao Jelly for the first time!
Panda panda
Very suitable for summer snacks, not too sweet but delicious
This is a replenishment, and it disappeared as soon as I bought it last time. Everyone likes to eat. So it restocks again.
Claire Hu
With coconut milk and honey, it's delicious!
I like this tender fairy grass, three separate packages, not very sweet, and easy to carry
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United States
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13.8 oz

Introducing our Premium Grass Jelly, renowned in Taiwan since 2006 for its soft and bouncy.  Unlike many others, with an authentic recipe, from our family to yours, we are honored and humbled to share this extraordinary gift with you: our signature Grass Jelly - a delectable yet fresh-tasting treat which you can practically taste the love and tradition in every bite.

Our jellies are freshly cooked locally in the USA using the finest natural premium ingredients for the best quality and taste.  Our products have been certified by

We believe great things come from small beginnings, which is why we make our jellies in the same small batches that my brother and I used to cook from the start, in our kitchen – Unadulterated & All Natural desserts that are delicious and healthy to enjoy!


Origin: Freshly produce in California, USA


Shelf Life: 45 Days

Storage Condition: Refrigerated, do not freeze and avoid high temperature 

Check Mark: Natural Ingredient, Gelatin-Free, Gluten-Free, No-Preservatives, Premium Demerara Sugar

Certificate: Our products have certified by


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