【CUIHONG】Pepper Oil for BoBoJi 320g 320 g

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【CUIHONG】Pepper Oil for BoBoJi 320g 320 g
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Reviews (12)
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I bought it for the first time, but the taste is pretty good, not very spicy, but very fragrant, praise 👍
Naomi Liu
taste good. Not very spicy. Suitable for those who can't eat spicy food.
I like to eat Bobo chicken. It is convenient and delicious to make it at home.
Well, how should I put it? I am quite disappointed myself. It is neither numb nor spicy, but my 14-month-old son likes it. .
I have repurchased this brand's seasoning many times, the taste is very positive
I heard that it tastes good
This is good oil, good oil, good oil. . The vine pepper has a strong flavor, but it is too oily. . . But the Bobo chicken seasoning I bought seems to be like this
The water should be mixed according to the ratio, otherwise it will be a little salty. It is very tasty to make a whole pot of Bobo chicken. This one is not too spicy and very fragrant; if you like spicy, you can add red oil yourself.
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Unit Qty:
320 g
【CUIHONG】Pepper Oil for BoBoJi 320g

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