Captain Jiang Cooked Seafood Soup, Frozen 2pc/box 560 g

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Captain Jiang Cooked Seafood Soup, Frozen 2pc/box 560 g
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Angel Wong
It's really delicious, but it's a bit less expensive.
The small amount makes it suitable for a taste. The taste is average, the first bite tasted a bit fishy, and later the fresh and sweet taste of seafood, but I don't know if it is the original flavor or MSG. Probably won't buy it again.
It's not bad. Get it if on sale. Does have a lot of ingredients. But if you keep it in the fridge, defrosted, need to heat and drink it within a few days or it will go bad. Just put the whole thing in water and steam for 15-20min.
Not bad, not bad, pretty good ~ super convenient ~ the soup is sticky and it is all collagen ~ although the mushrooms in it are some firewood, overall it's not bad
It tastes good, with good ingredients including abalone, snail slices, fish maw, mushrooms, mushroom slices, sea cucumber, scallops
The Buddha jumped over the wall is still very fresh, it is easy to eat and steam it, the baby also loves this soup
A small cup, but the taste is strong, sweet, and rich in content. After drinking a cup, my cold feet suddenly warmed up. Don't be too magical! Warm your stomach, your heart and your feet!
It’s the first time I ate Buddha Jump over the Wall, and I’ve never loved seafood. I think I have to try such a famous soup. The jar is not big, it is about the same size as the usual soup bowl in Cantonese restaurants. It is rich in content and the soup is very thick. Just steam it in the steamer for 15 minutes, which is very convenient, because the first time I eat it, there is no comparison between good and bad, I just think the taste is good.
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Unit Qty:
560 g

Captain Jiang Cooked Seafood Soup, Frozen 2pc/box