Liangren Fish Belly with Chopped Peppers 500 g

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Liangren Fish Belly with Chopped Peppers 500 g
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Reviews (4)
There are three pieces in a pack, which is convenient and hygienic. It is very fresh and can be cooked without handling. The child eats steamed, and I put a little chopped pepper on my own. It tastes good!
Vivian Chiang
There are 3 slices in a pack. The serving size is too big for our small family to have two meals. The chopped peppers are quite salty, and the amount of ginger and spring onion hot oil is a delicious dinner.
I often buy fish head with chopped pepper. This time I will try the fish belly at a discount.
Haven't tried it before, buy it and try it if it tastes better than fish head, I will repurchase it
Unit Qty:
500 g