【Chun Ming】Pure Sesame Paste 240g 240 g

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【Chun Ming】Pure Sesame Paste 240g 240 g
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Reviews (20)
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This sesame sauce is like other people who posted the order. It is in a liquid state. Just adjust it a bit and you can scoop it out for use. It's very fragrant. It is more convenient to use. Unlike other brands of sesame sauce, which has a thick layer of oil on top, the sauce is hard on the bottom and it is troublesome to make a paste.
The price is cheaper than Dahua, I haven't tasted the taste yet
Exactly what I needed to make tan tan ramen!
I bought this brand of tahini for the first time to see if it is cheap and good quality
I'm done with Lee Kum Kee's sesame sauce. Try this brand
Very good packaging, if you like the thinner, you will like this, it is first-class for hot pot dip!
I have bought it many times. This bottle is small, but it can be eaten for a while. Compared with the Lianhe brand, this sesame sauce is thinner, very good or even.
This one is a bit thin and consumes very quickly. I'm going to change it next time
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240 g
【Chun Ming】Pure Sesame Paste 240g

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