Coconut Palm Coconut Juice 6pk 245 ml

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Coconut Palm Coconut Juice 6pk 245 ml
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The classic taste is so nostalgic, and the packaging is still earthy
I bought both large and small boxes. Coconut is one of my favorite beverages since I was a child
Coconut Coconut Juice is an old brand, it is worth repurchasing again👍
Old brand, still so delicious, worth buying back👍
I like to drink coconut juice when I am in China, and I am very happy to see some of the weees, but it feels different after drinking it, it is too sweet!
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Unit Qty:
245 ml

Ingredients: Water, coconut juice, sugar, sodium caseinate (milk), and glyceryl monostearate.

Allergens: Contains dairy. No added flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Storage conditions: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Tiny box, rich taste. These juice boxes are filled to the brim with a coconut creaminess. It’s a superb complement to a spicy meal. And it comes with a tiny straw. Perfection.

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