Cured Dried Duck 1 count

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Cured Dried Duck 1 count
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Reviews (9)
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It's quite big, but unfortunately it was no longer in a vacuum when I came here. You have to eat it quickly. If it is delicious, you will repurchase it again.
mandy L
It feels better than having only one duck leg, but it's really salty!
The curd duck that I have always wanted to buy looks good, but unfortunately it is very small and somewhat disappointed
You can repurchase the delicious ones you buy
A bit salty but delicious, I like it
I finally ate the domestic salted duck. I was so happy. I wanted to buy equipment to pickle it myself, but I don’t need it anymore.
Roasted radish with Banya is very good. The radish is also delicious, so there is no need to add salt.
Wei Guan
Stewed the potatoes, the duck is very salty. It is recommended to use half at a time.
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1 count
Cured Dried Duck