D-Plus Hokkaido Cream Pastry Roll 1 each

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D-Plus Hokkaido Cream Pastry Roll 1 each
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Reviews (386)
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Children’s favorite bread is soft and light, with a delicate taste. So it has been repurchasing.
Rina 理奈
Goods that will be repurchased every time. Breakfast is just right.
It’s soft n tasty
Strong bread aroma, especially soft and fresh!
Clarissa Ho
The child’s breakfast tomorrow, the bread is very fragrant, and often buy back
I can’t remember how many times this bread has been repurchased
Fluffy and soft, convenient for the morning
I have been repurchasing this Japanese breakfast bread. The natural yeast has a good texture.
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1 each

Ingredients: wheat flour, flour paste (water, sugar, vegetable oil [rapeseed, palm], high fructose syrup [corn, potato],  modified corn starch [hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, hydroxypropyl starch], cream, skim milk powder, milk protein, ethyl alcohol, wheat flour, artificial flavor, egg white powder, egg yolk powder, gellan gum, carob bean gum, agar, salt), water, sugar, egg, shortening (fully hydrogenated vegetable oil [palm], emulsifier [polyglycerol esters of fatty acids], tocopherols, yeast, wheat powder, margarine (vegetable oil [palm], water, emulsifier [polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, lecithin], tocopherols, artificial flavor, carrot oil), high fructose corn syrup, sprouted brown rice bakers yeast (rice powder, wheat flour, glucose, yeast, rice malt, lactic acid bacteria, acerola juice, dextrin), salt.

Allergens: contains milk, egg, wheat, soybean, coconut.


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