EZ Coco Easy Pop Coconut 1 count

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EZ Coco Easy Pop Coconut 1 count
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Reviews (12)
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It's easy to open when you find the position. The straw is hard and delicious
J Z ✨✨
The small one, the first time I bought it, I planned to use it to stew coconut bird’s nest
Has been repurchased countless times. Most of the time it is good, convenient and delicious. The price is a bit expensive when there is no discount. Once there was mold, but after applying for sales, weee customer service quickly processed it. Weee's customer service is really good! The webpage is also doing very well, no wonder the business is growing rapidly.
The first time you buy a straw, you can drink the green coconut, which is convenient and delicious, and it is good when you buy it at a discount.
It’s a small green coconut with a straw, I hope it’s easy to open
Especially the small straw is an open shell
Drinking out of a fresh coconut has never been easier! You still have to use a little bit of force to get the straw in but mind blown, whole new world! I feel like I won't be able to go back to having to hack it open with a butcher knift as long as this is around...
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EZ Coco Easy Pop Coconut