Farm Fed Buddhist Style Silkie Chicken 2.2 lb

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Farm Fed Buddhist Style Silkie Chicken 2.2 lb
With Head and Feet
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Reviews (15)
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This one was used to cook American ginseng yesterday. The soup is sweet and the meat is delicious. This black chicken is really good and will be repurchased.
Barbara Ma
Today, I only added American ginseng slices and cooked the soup together and found that the super sweet chicken in this soup is also delicious!
The bamboo silk chicken is tender, not very fat, add some mushrooms to stew, the taste is very positive.
The best frozen Canadian bamboo silk chicken in this bag
It’s well packed, and its size is just over 2 pounds.
Has been repurchased many times. Steamed Chinese wolfberry with fungus, the whole family loves to eat, nourishing and nourishing 👍
Pahoua Her
Was still frozen when it arrived. Taste was fresh and flavorful. Would order again.
For the first time in this chicken-led life, I want to cut a chicken.
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Unit Qty:
2.2 lb

Farm Fed Buddhist Style Silkie Chicken