Fried Turnip Flour Buns 4pc 280 g

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Fried Turnip Flour Buns 4pc 280 g
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Reviews (142)
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Set these in the airfryer tasted super good.
Very tasty! The shrimp skin inside is a pleasant surprise! For air frying, you can cook the shredded radish at low temperature first, and then make the outer skin crispy at high temperature. But be sure to check if there is burnt.
As a Shanghainese who has been away for a long time, I would cry when I saw this!
Taxi Cat
The skin looks like on the outside, the white radish inside tastes like paper, so I won’t buy it again
Angel Wong
There is no comment that it is delicious, the radish inside seems to be unripe, with the taste of green raw vegetables, I don't like it!
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280 g