Frozen Chinese Spinach 500 g

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Frozen Chinese Spinach 500 g
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Reviews (10)
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Frozen shepherd's purse, the fragrance is not enough, it's okay to pack some wontons to get alive and relieve the gluttony
Indifferent shepherd's purse is bought for wonton.
The shepherd's purse and fresh meat rice cake was so delicious that it flew up. Will definitely repurchase.
Buy for the first time. The shepherd's purse is very clean after thawing, and you can smell the unique fragrance of shepherd's purse when it is cut. After chopped, there is no need to hold water, just add the meat directly. The smell of wontons! Will repurchase
Hong Gu
Buying for the first time, very good! Made shepherd's purse wonton, very delicious! Will repurchase!
Frozen shepherd's purse is more fragrant than expected, not bad
If you have stock, you will prepare a bag at home. You can make wontons at any time. The ratio of shepherd's purse to greens is 3:1, which has the fragrance of shepherd's purse and keeps the wonton fillings from being too soft
I made a big pot of shepherd's purse, shredded pork tofu soup, which is very fragrant. Although frozen is not as good as fresh, it is very convenient and clean.
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500 g
Frozen Chinese Spinach