Frozen Fish Ball 1lb 1 lb

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Frozen Fish Ball 1lb 1 lb
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By the way, I bought fish balls of different brands at Weee, but this one is very fishy and unpalatable. I haven’t used it for a long time, so I guess it’s a trash can. Why did I buy this? Other brands of fish balls are delicious!
The most authentic Fuzhou fish balls you can eat in the Bay Area+1 I bought several bags in one go. They are similar to Yonghe fish balls and have a slightly more surface texture. Some people who like a special texture may not be suitable. Hope to continue to stock in the future! Now it will take a long time to wait for a shelf. .
Filled fish balls, fish balls? The white part is not pure fish, but it tastes good sometimes
The most authentic Fuzhou fish balls you can buy in the Bay Area, whether the skin or filling of the fish balls has the taste of Fuzhou, great!
I’ve been looking for delicious and fresh fish balls.
The taste is okay. But the ingredients and taste are really not good. It's all floury. It's quite suitable for making Mala Tang. There is a sense of cheapness as a side stall
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1 lb
Frozen Fish Ball 1lb