Gongyufang Pea Cake 200 g

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Gongyufang Pea Cake 200 g
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Reviews (4)
Jodi,Go-Green Eco Tableware
Very bad buying experience, I suggest you never buy. This taste is not good except for sweet, no other taste. There are only 5 pieces in the high price. It's not generally worth the money. Definitely will not repurchase. The price of this product is too expensive and unreasonable.
Don’t buy it, it’s expensive, cheap, and unpalatable. It’s recommended to be off the shelf.
Jack Wu
Not bad 👍 is my favorite flavor
There are only 5 in 1 box, the taste is very ordinary and sweet, and will not be repurchased
Unit Qty:
200 g
Gongyufang Pea Cake