Home Town Fried Bread Stick 4 pairs 350 g 350 g

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Home Town Fried Bread Stick 4 pairs 350 g 350 g
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?Manna B?
You can eat in 10 minutes at 350 degrees!
Air fry in the microwave for 15 seconds for two minutes, almost as good as fresh fried
The packaging is intact and not damaged, and ice packs are provided to keep fresh. The only fly in the ointment is that the packaging does not seem to indicate the way of preservation and heating. I plan to try it in the oven.
The air fryer does not need to be preheated at about 350F, 4-5 minutes, check it a few more times, and take it out as soon as the touch changes from soft to hard. The residual heat of the fried dough sticks will continue to dry the last bit of moisture, which is crispy and not too hard. I am very satisfied with this taste and will continue to repurchase.
It’s not very crispy and I didn’t give it
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United States
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350 g