Jack & King's Spicy Fish Head w/ Pickled Pepper 640 g

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Jack & King's Spicy Fish Head w/ Pickled Pepper 640 g
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Reviews (127)
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Ruxian Wang
The self-contained chopped pepper bag is too horrible and very salty, it smells like preservatives
A large fish head, fresh and tasteless, the self-contained chopped pepper is very flavorful, save 1/4 of the fish meat and pour the steamed fish soy sauce for children who are not too spicy, and steam for 10 minutes according to the instructions. It’s a very convenient dish.
Very delicious, the seasoning package is full of flavor, the fish is very clean, and the meat is considered tender
It's spicy and delicious, and convenient. I will repurchase it.
The fish head with chopped pepper is very tasty. Not bad.
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Unit Qty:
640 g