Leek Pancakes, Frozen 4ct 360 g

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Leek Pancakes, Frozen 4ct 360 g
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Reviews (62)
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This brand made Leek Pancakes tasted much better than I bought before.👍
Melissa Yeap | 美云
This is so delicious that I bought two packs this time.
It's delicious, the skin is thin and the filling is thick. When frying, I may put too much water in it, which makes it a little bit oily. It's convenient, but it feels not addictive.....Generally, leek boxes have chewy skins. This feels like a skin made of cornstarch. It feels different. But the price can't be asked too much, it's still good to solve the gluttony. If I have time, I still want to make my own leek box.
Although there are a lot of leeks But the smell is very weak It feels different from Taiwan's leek boxes Shouldn't repurchase anymore
Melissa Yeap | 美云
This is really good. I just put a little oil in the pan and pan fry them. Delicious. Will buy again for sure.
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Unit Qty:
360 g