Leek Pancakes, Frozen 4ct 360 g

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Leek Pancakes, Frozen 4ct 360 g
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Reviews (62)
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This brand made Leek Pancakes tasted much better than I bought before.👍
Although there are a lot of leeks But the smell is very weak It feels different from Taiwan's leek boxes Shouldn't repurchase anymore
Melissa Yeap | 美云
This is so delicious that I bought two packs this time.
It's delicious, the skin is thin and the filling is thick. When frying, I may put too much water in it, which makes it a little bit oily. It's convenient, but it feels not addictive.....Generally, leek boxes have chewy skins. This feels like a skin made of cornstarch. It feels different. But the price can't be asked too much, it's still good to solve the gluttony. If I have time, I still want to make my own leek box.
Melissa Yeap | 美云
This is really good. I just put a little oil in the pan and pan fry them. Delicious. Will buy again for sure.
It tastes good and relieves the gluttony, it is a bit bursting with the air fryer
Fry according to the method on the package. But it is easy to break. The taste is decent, but it is far worse than the one bought in the restaurant.
Long-term repurchase, but the taste of this bag is particularly weak, different from the past
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360 g
Leek Pancakes, Frozen 4ct