Linko Taiwanese Garlic Sausage, Frozen 1 lb

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Linko Taiwanese Garlic Sausage, Frozen 1 lb
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Reviews (25)
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Used to make burritos unexpectedly delicious😋
Children’s favorite sausages are also very friendly to allergic children.
The garlic is not strong, and the skin is a bit dry after air frying. In comparison, the only sausage is more resistant to frying.
Too sweet, no other taste, weird, will not repurchase
The garlic is enough, but it's too salty, I'm a bit disappointed, I won't buy it back.
It doesn’t taste like garlic, it’s just Taiwanese sausage. It’s boiled for a long time and then fried.
The garlic is full of aroma, and the air fryer comes out of the air fryer, sliced and eaten with lettuce, lunch is solved.
This sausage is pretty good, although a bit expensive!
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United States
Unit Qty:
1 lb

Ingredients: Pork, cane sugar, salt, vodka, sodium nitrate, minced garlic, various spices.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen until use.

Guys, this package comes with skewered Taiwanese sausages. This is not a drill. Juicy, fatty, and garlicky-sweetness. This package will disappear immediately, no questions asked.