Love Me Sweet Double Fromage Matcha Cheesecake 230-240 g

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Love Me Sweet Double Fromage Matcha Cheesecake 230-240 g
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Reviews (5)
Maybe the expectation is too high. I really tasted it but it was not the expected good food. The matcha taste is not enough. I feel that the green layer seems to be eating cream instead of cheesecake? But it feels very light and there will be no guilt after eating.
It has a faint matcha scent, and the cheese flavor is not very strong. It tastes refreshing and unburdened, but it's just the size of a palm.
The Oreo flavor I bought for the first time was too sweet, the original flavor I bought for the second time was good, and the matcha flavor this time was also delicious 😋
If the matcha is stronger, it tastes better
Very small, about two-thirds the size of a mobile phone, not as big as letao
Unit Qty:
230-240 g