[M. Fukushima] Japanese White Peach (wooden box) 1 each

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[M. Fukushima] Japanese White Peach (wooden box) 1 each
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Reviews (81)
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A box of eighteen peaches was delivered in good condition, but the refrigerator cannot be stored for too long
Yen ShaoTing
About seven or eight of the inside of a box I bought recently are black, and the exterior looks good, but the quality is uneven this time.
There are some minor bruises, but the overall quality is good. For the peach season, it is very good
The appearance is very beautiful, but most of them are like this ? I can’t eat it at all, I'm so fooled ?
Peach ? is a hard peach, which is quite sweet, like soft ones, you can put them aside
It's big, watery and sweet and super delicious.
This time the peaches were not fresh when they were delivered last time. Some peaches are already soft and taste good.
This classic wooden box of peaches is super delicious, it is the second time to repurchase, I am very happy to have it again!
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United States
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1 each
[M. Fukushima] Japanese White Peach (wooden box)