Mango Mango Classic Cake 1 count

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Mango Mango Classic Cake 1 count
Milk Chocolate Cream, Vanilla Cream, Magnum Crispy Layer
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Reviews (25)
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Stephanie Y.
The packing box is too big and it has been turned over. But the taste is okay.
I received it just like this, and I didn’t have any appetite.
It tastes good, but it doesn’t look good
Because the neighbor is not kind and will take away the wrong order, so I am afraid that the courier will deliver the wrong order. Watching on the balcony, watching the box turn up and down three or four times, it is not surprising that I cover my face.
It's delicious, it's over in one bite, Xiao Gui
It turned out to be a pure mousse without a cake embryo...a bit disappointed. Those who like mousse might like it. I feel a bit too sweet.
When the cake was received, the whole box of cake was turned upside down, the box was also flat, and the cake was deformed after it was placed. It feels that the packaging and logistics are not perfect. For the cake at this price, it looks like this after receiving it and I am really disappointed. The cake itself is not too sweet, the whole is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla mousse. There are no big surprises, but the taste is not lost.
It was delicious, but it was squeezed and deformed by the fruit in the box when I got it. Suggest that Weee separate it from other things in the future and put it in a separate box.
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United States
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1 count
Mango Mango Classic Cake