Maple Leaf Farms Roast Half Duck 14 oz

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Maple Leaf Farms Roast Half Duck 14 oz
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This is an easy baked dish and meal ready in no time. I don’t use the orange? sauce that comes with the package but I think lee kum kee hoisin sauce will pair it better. Also another repeat purchase of mine if you cannot go to an authentic Hong Kong bbq place, a good substitute at home.
The way to eat in Beijing, the duck is a bit small, but it is delicious. The breast bone has been removed, which is very convenient
It's a good deal to buy at a special price! This is already repurchase n box
Monica Kiang
Make Peking Duck at home! Convenient and delicious ❤️
This roast duck is added with rice noodles, a la carte and Dongru, which relieves homesickness. Apply a thin layer of roast sauce before the next heating, the effect may be more like Hong Kong roast duck.
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14 oz

Duck Ingredients: Duck, water, sodium lactate, 2% or less: sodium phosphates, salt, maltodextrin, modified food starch, cellulose gum, and oil of garlic.

Orange Sauce Ingredients: Orange juice, water, turbinado sugar, corn starch, citric acid, sea salt, canola oil, dried torula yeast, guar gum, natural flavor, spice, dehydrated onion.

Allergens: Gluten-free (please be aware that the facility contains gluten). No hormones or antibiotics added. 

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated or refreeze. The shelf life is 45 days of refrigeration or two years frozen. 

This Maple Leaf Farms Roast Duck sounds as good as it tastes. The shiny gold crispiness will entrance you. We’ll deliver. Your only job is to eat it up.

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