Mexican Maradol Papaya 1 count

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Mexican Maradol Papaya 1 count
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Prepare to cook sweet soup with white fungus
It’s quite big and it’s a bit light. Wait till it’s cooked a little bit.
This papaya will take a long time to ripen but it is very sweet
Lilian Leung
I have bought this papaya many times, and it is quite large. This time I was surprised to see a small one. The price is about the same as Hawaiian papaya. It was not two pounds. I was disappointed
The smaller one, one palm length, less than two pounds, will not be repurchased
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1 count

Fruits are good. But, exotic fruits might be better. The papaya--also known as the paw paw or tree melon--has lush orange flesh and big black seeds. With gentle sweetness, you can juice, grill, or scoop it with a spoon. Add some lime juice and tajin for an out-of-this world snack.

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