Mi Po Po Fermented Glutinous Rice, Large 900 g

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Mi Po Po Fermented Glutinous Rice, Large 900 g
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Reviews (67)
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The wine is quite strong, not very sweet, and it's generally good.
Bought this on a whim because it reminded me how my mom would make fermented rice when I was little. She hasn't done it in decades. It's pretty good straight out of the jar, sweet and can definitely taste the alcohol. Not sure what else to do with it. It's quite a big and heavy glass jar.
Ada Wu
Distilled rice dumplings, delicious~
Today I made fermented rice balls for the children. The children love to drink sweet.
It's a big can, it can be used directly
Bottle after bottle, milk and milk tea are delicious
Happy Face
This wine is really tasteless. There are no advantages except for the large amount
I bought it in the Supermarket before and it was delicious! As a distillery lover, you can eat distilled noodles for nothing, and eat half a can at a time hahaha
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900 g
Mi Po Po Fermented Glutinous Rice, Large