Morton Iodized Salt 737g 26 oz

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Morton Iodized Salt 737g 26 oz
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Reviews (215)
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Great to have on weee. So convenient.
It just so happens that there is no salt at home, and I ran into a discount (it feels cheaper than the supermarket) to place an order
Just buy some, very cheap, to make salt water slug spray
The exchange price is cheap
cece wang
Cheap and easy to use, much cheaper than outside supermarkets, a must for stocking
I often buy this in the supermarket, and weee also have it
Angel Wong
So I bought it again at a special price. Good table salt.
The kitchen must have iodized salt, I bought it together
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United States
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26 oz

We've all probably heard that iodine is important for overall health. That's where Morton's iodized salt comes in. But this still doesn't address the child with the umbrella drizzling the salt from her parent's kitchen out in the rain. If your child tends to do this, make sure to stay stocked with this bottle. A classic kitchen essential, without a doubt.

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