Myojo Ramen, Premium Shio Pork Tonkotsu Flavor 11.71 oz

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Myojo Ramen, Premium Shio Pork Tonkotsu Flavor 11.71 oz
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Japanese ramen 🍜, char siu and green vegetables are all ordered at Weee, the dishes are very fresh, and the ramen tastes great 👍🏻
The tonkotsu flavor of this thick soup is okay.
The soup base is made with slightly more water than indicated, and the soup is rich and not too salty. The noodles are thin and straight noodles, as long as they are not overcooked, they are smooth and chewy. You can eat delicious ramen with free ingredients without going out. It’s awesome.
It tastes very rich when cooked, but a small bowl is very full
Peter YE
A delicious package has two servings and a large amount of dough. The seasoning package is creamy and has a stronger flavor. The noodles are very Q-bomb. Japanese ramen noodles are all alkaline water noodles. The alkaline water must be drained or it will not taste good. Myojo is made locally in the Chino factory in the United States. It is produced automatically by GMP, which is very hygienic and high-quality.
I think the soup of Yusuke Tonkotsu Ramen is better, and it tastes okay.
Vicky 妞妞妈
Kuaishou rice must be eaten occasionally and it tastes good
Vicky 妞妞妈
One of the must-haves for fast-handed rice
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United States
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11.71 oz