PMO Dumpling Panfry Flat Spicy 700g 700 g

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PMO Dumpling Panfry Flat Spicy 700g 700 g
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Reviews (15)
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It smells like a box of leeks. It is a big one. After steaming it, the skin is quite sticky and the taste is not bad. The filling is a bit sticky, slightly spicy, like leeks vermicelli.
Yummm!!! Tres flavorful yet not salty. Perfect amount of spiciness. Only complaint is probably it’s too big lol. I couldn’t pick it up with a fork (or chopsticks if I tried). Definitely recommend these though. I already ordered the non-spicy version for the kids to try. I counted about 10 pieces in the bag. I had 3 and was almost full(I got a big appetite lol).
It's delicious and a bit spicy, so I will repurchase it again.
The fried dumplings stick together every time you order them. Although they are delicious, they will not be bought
The taste is very good, if it can be spicy. I can't eat the fried dumplings that are vegetarian. I don't know if it is too spicy or the taste is too good.
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South Korea
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700 g

PMO Dumpling Panfry Flat Spicy 700g