Prime Beef Rib Eye for Shabu Shabu, Frozen 1 lb

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Prime Beef Rib Eye for Shabu Shabu, Frozen 1 lb
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This cooked rice is super hard! Does it only need to cook for 3 seconds? But this time, there was a box of meat that was not covered, and the box was opened wide after the meat was spilled, so I didn't dare to eat it. In fact, I am quite worried about the company’s quality control issues. Regardless of whether it is sealed or not, I have to cook a little longer, and then it will be hard 😅 (When the other box is opened, the box is very dense. If it is torn open during the transportation process, the chance of being torn apart is quite low...🤔
Just sooooo good!
It looks great! I tried most of the beef slices on weee and they were pretty good, no need to go to Huachao
Beef ribeye is full of fat, not even edible. Vegetables are very dirty and full of mud, totally disgusting. Weee has gone downhill will not order from them again
I’m going to eat hot pot today, it’s too fat, not suitable for the taste, and won’t repurchase
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1 lb