Shinya Koso Diet Metabolic Support 30 Days, Gold Limited 30 count

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Shinya Koso Diet Metabolic Support 30 Days, Gold Limited 30 count
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The price on wee is even cheaper than amazon!
I have been eating for a few days and have a little surprise. In the morning, the stomach did not rise, but it was a few pounds lighter. The effect is good, will buy back.
It won't be difficult to eat. There are five in a pack. One to three packs a day. After two days of eating, there is no response. Try again.
Buy it for the first time, see good reviews...
Taking advantage of the price cut, I quickly smashed the triad
So deceiving? When you buy it, it is $38.75. When you receive the goods, you know that it is $42.33. It is better to go to Amazon to buy the actual price.
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30 count

SHINYA KOSO Diet Metabolic Support - Gold Limited (30 Days)

The premium version of the increasingly popular Late Night Meal Diet series.

Made with 150% more enzyme (from normal dose of 400mg to 610mg) and gluten free.

Contains eight types of new ingredients including: koji mold culture subshell extract -GF, yeast peptide, virgin coconut oil, Gymnema sylvestre, black pepper extract, chitin chitosan, chromium yeast, indigestible dextrin.

Suitable for individuals who have to eat at night, eat at irregular times, need to diet but want to eat and drink at night. 

SHINYA KOSO Late Night Meal Diet Gold is designed to help you make dieting fun. Individually wrapped.

Designed by Dr. Hiromi Shintani,Late Night Meal Diet & Beauty contains eight ingredients that help you reduce weight and improve beauty.

Amount: 30 bags

Made in Japan