Sanquan Black Glutinous Sesame Rice Balls, Frozen 400 g

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Sanquan Black Glutinous Sesame Rice Balls, Frozen 400 g
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Reviews (5)
There are cracks in the skin of the glutinous rice balls. I don’t know if it’s frozen for a long time or pressed
The glutinous rice balls I bought during the Lantern Festival~ It’s glutinous, I want to keep buying back🥲
Seeing that there is a discount + the reason for the Lantern Festival = I did not hesitate to buy this pack of cost-effective and delicious black glutinous rice sesame balls. What surprised me after opening the package is that the size of the balls is beyond my imagination. It tastes very good, so feel free to buy.
Lisa Lee
Smoke on the outside is soft and fragrant with sesame seeds inside! Definitely return the order!
Don’t miss the glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival. I bought the black glutinous rice glutinous rice balls for the first time.
United States
Unit Qty:
400 g