Strawberries 1 lb

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Strawberries 1 lb
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It's big or small, it's still quite fresh, and the sweetness is enough. Children like it, so I keep buying back.
These were delicious!!!😋😋😋 Big size, sweet and smells soo good. Yes will repurchase got really good deal about $2
It's sweeter and bigger, but the top strawberry is a little bit darker
This is the best strawberry I have ever bought in weee! The shape and maturity of each piece are very positive, and the taste and aroma are very strawberry!
??Emily Ruan??
The broken ones account for a large proportion. And there are two moldy ones inside. I was so scared that I threw them all away.
Squatting at home for more than a year, is it a milk tea shop? Today’s strawberry milkshake plus matcha milk cap~
The previous ones are so fresh, but this time I received them but they have grown hairs😱😱😱
This time, the strawberry packaging is well packed with a layer of strawberries, so the strawberries will not be crushed. The point is super sweet. It seems to be different from the previous varieties. Hey, it is delicious!
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United States
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1 lb

Reminder: Different batches may have different packaging.

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended. 

In life, you have to stop and smell the strawberries. Who can resist a handful of those red, juicy, and sweet fruits? The perfect snack, dessert, and happy place packaged for you. 


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