Strawberries 1 lb

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Strawberries 1 lb
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2nd time purchasing strawberry, not very fresh and some already molding
Generally fresh, but the strawberry flavor is quite strong, my son loves it
Strawberries from fixed repurchase.... The strawberries I got this time are still fresh and beautiful, but they have no sweetness, fresh water.
It’s not very sweet, but it’s not very sour, it looks very cooked, it’s a bit black and it's almost soft, but it’s not particularly delicious, so I probably won’t buy
Kelly 2
Strawberry is so big and sweet
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United States
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1 lb

Reminder: Different batches may have different packaging.

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended. 

In life, you have to stop and smell the strawberries. Who can resist a handful of those red, juicy, and sweet fruits? The perfect snack, dessert, and happy place packaged for you. 


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