Surasang Vegetable Gyoza 1 lb

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Surasang Vegetable Gyoza 1 lb
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Because I make dumplings from time to time, I rarely buy similar ones. I bought it for the first time and it was frozen together. Fortunately, I didn’t break a few after being separated. The taste is good, and the meat fillings made by myself have different flavors. If the price is good at discount, you can consider repurchase
tasty There is no strange taste of other brands of vegetarian food I will add another purchase next time
I bought it at a special price, I hope it's delicious
The filling is very light, and the skin is a bit tougher than the Chinese style. It is not the taste you like, so I won’t buy it again.
Cannot wait to try these
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South Korea
Unit Qty:
1 lb