Sweet Napa Cabbage 2-2.5 lb

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Sweet Napa Cabbage 2-2.5 lb
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Weee is always generous about the potion! I love it😊
It looks like a lot of freshness
When it was first delivered, it was fresh and cooked like Chinese cabbage. It was delicious
Baby dishes, sometimes big and sometimes small! 😜This time it was big, last time it was small!
There are more than three, but the leaves feel a bit old and yellow, not very fresh
Repurchased many times, every time it is fresh, the dishes are relatively sweet, fried with garlic and delicious
It's black inside, I won't buy it again
Almost every tree has two caterpillars, it should be sure that there are no pesticides
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Unit Qty:
2-2.5 lb

Sweet Napa Cabbage Specifications:

Product Name

Sweet Napa Cabbage



Net Content

2-2.5 lb

Sweet Napa Cabbage Description:

Sweet Napa Cabbage is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion. Moreover, Sweet Napa Cabbage has higher vitamin C content than apples and pears, and is comparable to citrus, but the calories are much lower.

Sweet Napa Cabbage is also a vegetable for weight loss, because cabbage itself contains very little calories, which will not cause calorie storage. It also contains very little sodium, does not allow the body to store excess water, and can reduce the burden on the heart. Middle-aged and obese people can lose weight by eating more cabbage.

At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality sweet Napa Cabbages at a very competitive price.

Cooking Tips:

When cooking vegetables, the correct way is to wash them first and then cut them. For leafy vegetables such as Sweet Napa Cabbage, remove the outer leaves, soak the inner leaves with warm water and rinse them with running water one by one.

How to Store Sweet Napa Cabbage?

First, we exposed the cabbage to the sun for a day, then peeled off some of the fallen leaves on its surface, leaving only the good ones. Next, we prepare a plastic wrap and put the cabbage on it. Then prepare a watering can, pour a certain amount of white vinegar into the watering can, and spray the white vinegar on the cabbage. The white vinegar has the functions of sterilization and antiseptic, which can prevent the cabbage from deteriorating and make it fresh as ever. Finally, wrap the cabbage in plastic wrap.


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